Hunter x Hunter is set in a world where Hunters exist to perform all manner of dangerous tasks like capturing criminals and bravely searching for lost treasures in uncharted territories. Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss is determined to become the best Hunter possible in hopes of finding his father, who was a Hunter himself and had long ago abandoned his young son. However, Gon soon realizes the path to achieving his goals is far more challenging than he could have ever imagined.

Along the way to becoming an official Hunter, Gon befriends the lively doctor-in-training Leorio, vengeful Kurapika, and rebellious ex-assassin Killua. To attain their own goals and desires, together the four of them take the Hunter Exam, notorious for its low success rate and high probability of death. Throughout their journey, Gon and his friends embark on an adventure that puts them through many hardships and struggles. They will meet a plethora of monsters, creatures, and characters—all while learning what being a Hunter truly means.

I just couldn’t believe I was able to finish the 148 episodes of this anime, why? because it was fun and worth watching. What I like most is the story was not sugar-coated, that all heroes shouldn’t win all the time. Despite all the training and good skills, there is no guarantee you will win the fight because, in reality, you’ll need more than that.

I love each of the characters in this story. Their personality is pretty impressive and the development was solid. Even the supporting ones and villains, without their significant roles, the story would become lacking.

There are so many things to be learned from Hunter x Hunter. One has said, “You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest because that’s where you’ll find things more important than what you want”

I envied also the stubbornness of Gon and at the same time being optimistic. It shows that being stubborn is not always a bad thing, that standing by your goals to achieve needs not only your determination but your faithful conviction. Killua, who raised as an assassin by his family showed us that you don’t have to accept what life has seemingly imposed to you, you can definitely change it. I like the way he managed to accept himself and be open to friendship, that trust is not mundane after all.

Kurapika’s goal was to avenge his clan. Though his anger leads to committing villainous acts and self-destruction, he was able to put on hold his revenge for his friends’ safety. His search for more power in order not to lose anyone made me realized that in this world you need at least someone to protect.  Though Leorio doesn’t have the skills and power like Gon, Killua, and Kurapika, he values the ties of friendship and that made him special. He will fight for you no matter what. To have an ally who is loyal and trustworthy like him, you will never be alone in your journey.

The Hunter X Hunter is far from perfection. Just like the other, it has its own flaws, but this anime is impossible not to adore. And you can be a hunter too, hunt something to make your life interesting and fabulous.

Verdict: 9/10



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  1. I love this anime! But I unlike Yuyu Hakusho, the anime version (the older one) didn’t give a very satisfying end, while the new animation did not live to up to my standard. It felt too fast pace and gives less emotion.

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