Lead me, Lord
lead me by the hand
and help me face the rising sun.

Comfort me through all the pain that life may bring
There’s no other hope that I can lean upon
Lead me, Lord, lead me all my life.

Walk by me, walk by me
across the lonely roads that I may face.

Take my arms and let your hand show me the way
Show the way to live inside your heart
All my days all my life.

Lead me, Lord,
Even though at times
I’d rather go along my way
Help me take the right direction, take your road
Lead me, Lord, and never leave my side.

You are my light
You’re the lamp upon my feet

All the Time, my lord I need you there
You are my light, I can not live alone
Let me stay, by your guiding love
All through my life. Lead me, Lord.

-Basil V/Gary V-



  1. Thanks – uplifting but sometimes when I read passages like this – as great as they are – they forget that we have the presence of god inside – the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and it does make a difference in the leading – hmmm
    Anyhow – so uplifting that was

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