Do you have any unusual experiences when it happened, it was too late to react or to make amends? My friend had.

He allowed someone to enter his house, took his window type air conditioner for maintenance and said goodbye. After two days he just realized that the AC has not been returned and he didn’t get the name of the person, the company where he works for and even the mobile number.  It was a big blow for him.

So what just happened? was he absent-minded at that time? did the person blast some magical ashes to him to forget? or does he have some trust issues?  Who knows. He can’t even explain himself too.

We laughed about it knowing he had learned this lesson of experience. I think we have all those moments of being oblivious, stupidity, distracted and trust others too easily. We have all the ticks in our lives where we made a mistake and we cannot do anything but just to move forward and gain from it even in a hard way.

It’s okay to be foolish sometime, but please never ask or allow anyone to enter your home without being aware of the situations. That would be another story to tell then.





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