Designated Survivor: 60 Days (Kdrama 2019)


Park Moo-Jin (Ji Jin-Hee) is a former professor of chemistry and now holds the Minister of Environment position. He doesn’t have ambition, personal beliefs or political sense as a politician. One day, high ranking government officers are gathered for the President’s State of the Union address. An explosion then takes place, killing many government officials, including the President. Park Moo-Jin is the highest-ranking government officer left alive. He doesn’t want the position, but he must sit as the acting president for 60 days. Park Moo-Jin chases after the person or group responsible for the explosion and he grows as a national leader.

I was captivated by this drama, even though it is not my cup of tea. The story flows slowly for at least a few episodes, but the thrilling was all over on it. It was an amazing journey of self-discovery for our protagonist who never has the experience to govern the state nor any desire to be politicians. A challenge not only set for himself, but also for those who surrounded him.

Can we have an honest President or let me rephrase, do we have an honest President of our country? A President who has the virtues of humanity, morals, and integrity? Though this drama tries to portray what a President of the nation should be, we might think of the plot as to becoming unrealistic. In some way,  yes, but because of its consistency and semi-real political situations, I would say this drama manages to offer the best despite the obvious plotholes and flaws.

What I have learned from this show is more relevant than any other issues concerning politics.

  • You can be a winner without the losers.
  • Second chances serves as a discipline to redemption.
  • Wanting something does not necessarily make you a bad person.
  • Protect your family first before patronizing other people’s opinions.
  • It’s never too late to discover your strength and capability.
  • Listen to what is beyond words and observe the action without movement.
  • Be passionate about the job you loved.
  • Beliving in yourself and what you stand for.
  • Never lost your morality, even when in your lowest point of life.
  • We can’t always do on our own, but we can with the help of others.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell the truth. Still honesty is the best policy.

Since this drama series is a remake of U.S. TV series “Designated Survivor”, there are some people who can’t help but compare them.  Korean and US have different vibes in terms of cultures and political situations so comparison won’t work out at all.

Just enjoy the show.  Be amazed by the characters development and cinematography. Relish the acting of all casts. Take note of the lessons you can have, who knows, you will be the next President of your county.

Verdict: 9.5/10



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