As a Parent, it is one of our utmost desire to provide a comfortable life for our Children.  I began my journey to Dubai eleven years ago with a promised to return home after becoming financially stable. The plans of two years became four then six until I could no longer leave the country, frightened on how to start all over again back home.

I have always missed my family, especially my son. Even though I am able to make ends meet, there is always a big part of me feeling guilty about not being with him through all his life.

A dream to compensate the time I have lost with my son ever more is one of my greatest thoughts. How nice it is to return home for good after eleven years of loneliness and heartaches. I couldn’t help but imagine his smiling face to welcome me once more and never say goodbye to him ever again.

Well, I just don’t feel on top of this world nowadays and everything I have tried to keep inside just crashing my head. Sigh.




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