27-year-old fashion designer Soo Jin goes into a convenience store to buy a Coke but accidentally leaves it on the counter. Remembering the Coke, Soo-Jin walks back to the store and bumps into a carpenter, Chul Soo, whose goal in life is to become an architect. While surveying a construction site that her father is in charge of, Soo Jin sees the same man and soon falls in love with him. A relationship develops between them but Soo Jin will have to face an undeniable fact.

One of the best classic movies in the Kdrama world. I admit it’s my second time watching this and I always had a good cry. No doubt, this movie has a powerful plot and amazing casts. The story showcases a beautiful journey of happiness, sadness and the love that no boundaries. The cinematography is flawless. The chemistry of the leads is perfectly blended.

I hope you enjoy watching it and have the box of tissues close by.


“Love you is the only thing I want to remember”


Verdict: 10/10

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