Two months ago, my son hit a 50-year-old man with his motorbike. He is a minor and just had a driving student license. My father received a call at 2am from the police station and rushed immediately to get there, and everything is history.

The aftermath is not easy to take, both emotionally and financially. The good side that we are holding on is both of them are alive. My son got a few scratches and the man spent five days in the hospital, accepted the settlement, had physical therapy, ongoing checkups and I don’t know what’s next.

For a second I’d like to forget that he is my son and condemn him for everything. For a minute I wanted to criticize my father’s love for his grandson. I want to hold myself responsible for not being there when it had happened. So many words to say, but we decided to no one, in particular, is to blame for this plight. We just have to deal with it and whoever causes this burden must carry the lesson forever in silent.

We are quite fine now. I and my father have lost weight, my son has to deal with the trauma and my mom keeps on being our Prayer Warrior. I know storms don’t last forever, this too shall pass.

God bless us all.







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