VIP (K-drama 2019)


Na Jung-Sun (Jang Na-Ra) works for a team that deals with VIP customers of a department store. She is married to Park Sung-Joon (Lee Sang-Yoon), who works on the same team. The couple faces an unexpected case, which causes their lives to fall apart.

Watch out! this drama is a roller coaster. It seems to be tough to watch, but since the story is compelling, you wouldn’t dare to miss it. The plot is representing corporate and personal affairs with mystery dangling on the surface. Though the story depicts the truth, the execution was neat and classy. It’s not as messy as real life! (because it’s a k-drama right?)

VIP characters showed human flaws and how difficult it is to handle emotions and imperfection. There is always a battle of what is right and wrong, between what is in your heart and mind. Well, if you are a self-righteous person, better not watch this drama, it will give you a heart attack.

Jang Na Ra’s acting is perfect as always. Lee Sang-Yoon’s zero facial expression is at the top level. I love the feminist airs in this drama even though it excelled at some point, still, the message is more evident.  Actually, I really love how this drama ends because everyone gets what they deserve. I believe only people who have been in similar situations would understand deeply too.

Anyhow, I appreciate this drama. I just remembered my past and will correct my present.


Verdict: 9.5/10

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