Even If I hurt you, I still love you

You must understand that even If I hurt you, It doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore. Sometimes love works this way, If not for everyone, but at least for me.

The pain I will cause you may pierce your heart and I still wish you won’t hate me. How is that possible? I know not now, but eventually, you will realize that breaking all that we have is what we all needed.

You will discern someday that pushing you away means that I love you enough, that I didn’t not carelessly letting you go. You will be grateful for my courage to make things right. This won’t be easy, but I know, one day, we’ll get over this.

I’m sorry that I have to hurt you, even I love you the most. You will always be my greatest love and our memories will never be faded in the dark.

I know sooner or later, your love for me will unselfishly understand my choice because that’s who you are, the kind of person who will never dare to hurt me, someone who always hopes for my happiness.








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