DOUKYUUSEI (Classmate) – Anime movie 2016


Rihito Sajou is an honor student who got perfect scores in every subject on his high school entrance exam. Hikaru Kusakabe plays guitar in his band that performs at live events and is popular among the girls. These boys would have never crossed paths. But one day Hikaru offers to help Rihito prepare for their upcoming chorus festival and the two begin to talk. As the two meet after school, they feel one another’s sound, listen to each other’s voice and begin to harmonize as their hearts beat together.

If you are not a fan of the yaoi genre, then better let this movie side. Honestly, I haven’t read the manga version, nor wasn’t informed about the plot. It was just a boring afternoon that I have nothing else to watch. Well, this anime surprised me. It was kinda weird, but fun to watch.

I thought I wouldn’t like it because of its homoerotic relationships between male characters, but, amazingly the portrayals are decent, the sweetness built up naturally just like other relationships. They have created their own kind of romance and worry not, there were no creepy scenes between the two MC, it was just purely cuteness.

The story is realistic. There was conflict, love, and acceptance. There’s a consistency of expressing the characters’ emotions and exploring their personalities, and I think that makes the chemistry prudent. This movie is not perfect yet more than ok for an afternoon break.

Verdict: 8/10

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