Psychopath Diary (K-drama 2019)


Yook Dong-Sik (Yoon Si-Yoon) works at a brokerage company. He has a timid personality and he can’t even get angry at the people who look down upon him. One day, he witnesses a murder. He accidentally picks up a diary belonging to the killer, who is a serial murderer. The diary has a log of his murders. Yook Dong-Sik flees with the diary, but he is accidentally hit by Police Officer Sim Bo-Kyung’s (Jung In-Sun) car. Yook Dong-Sik loses his memory because of the accident. Due to the diary in his possession, Yook Dong-Sik mistakenly believes he is a serial killer. Since that moment, he begins to change. Sim Bo-Kyung, who got involved with Yook Dong-Sik, decides to catch the serial killer.

Meanwhile, Seo In-Woo (Park Sung-Hoon) works as a director at the brokerage company where Yook Dong-Sik works. He is heartless and a psychopath serial killer. He has lost the diary in which he detailed his crimes. He now feels insecure.

The plot seemed interesting to realize, and though “amnesia” is totally overused in dramas, in this show it represents the core of the story. Psychopath diary is fun to watch, why? because despite the development was transparent, the humor was exceptional. I think the whole episode relied on comedy aspects which the viewers enjoyed, in spite the story does drag apart around the in the middle.

I love Yoon Si-Yoon’s character. He simply nailed it. I think I will drop this drama if it’s not because of him. He has the total package of being the main lead. His expressions, monologue, and style of execution are consistent. Jung In-Sun acting is so-so and Park Sung-Hoon as a villain is inflamed with craziness. Shout out also to Heo Sung Tae’s humor, it’s topnotch.

If you love to watch a thriller combined with comedic, this drama is for you.

Verdict: 8/10

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