I dreamed of a snake last night, and there’s a lot of them.

I was sleeping in one room with my family, and suddenly snakes appeared. I was the only one who woke up and saw them. I was so afraid that I tried to run away, but baffled if I need to warn my family and get them up. Fortunately, the snakes were just crawling here and there, without chasing or biting anyone. I remained calm but so frightened.

For real, I am scared of the snakes. I don’t even watch anaconda or any movie related to them. So you can imagine my feelings about seeing them in my dream. More than that, I think it signifies a bad message, based on my two experiences.

I have read some of the articles, and not all are given negative meaning and interpretation. As it says, snakes can represent different things to different peoples according to their life situation, and snakes have a multi-layered symbolism. But still, my heart is anxious. I just could forget it.

What about you? have you dreamed of snakes? Does it give you a positive meaning?





  1. During my childhood, I dreamed a lot about ghosts. So scary. Then one night I found a way to deal with it. Instead of running (with a pair of heavy feet), I turned around, and started chasing them! And the nightmares stopped. 🙂

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