If We Could Turn Back Time

We all go through a series of difficult times in life, and I believe we have our own anguish. We have made wrong decisions that caused our being troubled, mistakes that lead us to bad circumstances, and for the reason that we couldn’t go back to amend our choices, all we have is a reflection of regrets.

What if you could turn back time to undo the mistakes you’ve made, what would you change first?

Would you like to go back to your high school years and chase your first love? Want to avoid your X coming into your life? Never get married or just accept the proposal? Would you avoid overspending your finances? What about you would have never accepted your current job? Are you going to be more mindful of your family? Would you like to inform your doctor about your future sickness?

I know the more we think of our failures, the more we realized we wanted to return and fix the mistake we’ve made.  But we knew that we will never be able to turn back time, not ever.

The only thing we can do first is to stop blaming ourselves or every little person around us for the wrong choices we made. By that, we could stop looking backward, and start facing forward. Who can give you the guarantee that undoing our mistakes of the past will avoid making mistakes in the future? Who we are now is because of what we have been through in life, we just need to be grateful for all the chances we’ve got; to correct our mistake and learned from it.

I know, it’s not simple to let go of our past, I have some moments too. But I want to live in the present without any more regrets. I want to appreciate the time that today offers because tomorrow will never be the same again. It will not be plain sailing, but I can do this, and you can do it too.

Let’s go back to the present together and live our life.






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