For 10 years, Palm (Naphat Siangsomboon ) has been stuck in the friend zone with his best friend, Gink (Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon). He has had feelings for her since high school and even tried confessing to her then but she rejected him, saying that being friends was enough. Over the years, they grow closer to each other. Whenever Palm breaks up with his countless girlfriends, Gink will tell him off. As for Gink, whenever she fights with her boyfriend, it doesn’t matter which country she is in at the time, Palm will use his perks as a flight attendant to fly to her the moment she gives him a call.

Are you stuck in a situation where you cannot really stay friends with your close friend, nor move forward to be his/her lovers? If yes, this movie is just for you.

Though the story of being a friendzone is typical in the movies, I still find the show cute and enjoyable. I love the chemistry of the main leads. They look good together. The execution of their characters was easy to follow and the comedic side was on point.

I know some of us experienced to be in the friendzone, or we are the ones who set the boundary. I had once before and though it didn’t work out when we tried to be more than friends, still the relationship was worth a try.

I recommend this movie if you want to miss your best friend on a lonely Saturday night.

Verdict: 9/10






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