In 1994, on the first day when singer Yoo Yeol becomes the DJ for radio program “Music Album,” Mi-Soo (Kim Go-Eun) meets Hyun-Woo (Jung Hae-In). Hyun-Woo is just released from a juvenile detention center and he enters the bakery store that is run by Mi-Soo and her older sister Eun-Ja (Kim Guk-Hee). Hyun-Woo begins to work part-time at the bakery store. At first, Mi-Soo is scared of Hyun-Woo, but they get close and develop feelings for each other. Hyun-Woo though carries heavy guilt from a fatal incident that occurred in his past and he does not want to talk about that incident with anyone.

One day, Hyun-Woo’s friends appear at the bakery store and they leave with Hyun-Woo. Mi-Soo believes Hyun-Woo will not come back. Their relationship does not end there and they cross paths several more times in the future.

Watching this movie gave me the classic butterflies. The chemistry of the two leads is in tune to follow.

First, I love the settings. The ambiance is sentimental that you couldn’t help yourself but to think about your past relationship. Since the story revolved the spans of the year from 1994 to 2005, you’re going to see some retro technologies which we don’t usually see in the k-drama land.

However, I find the content of the story messy and weak. I was waiting for a wonderful twist but spotted myself on the ground of disappointment. The complications they presented about the relationship are nothing much to anticipate, it was just so-so.

I believe this movie saved by the actors. I love them both, their performances are not the second rate to be fair. It just happened that I fall in love for thirty minutes and fall dreary for the rest of the time.

Goodluck when you tune in for love.

Verdict: 7/10

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