Working From Home

Just so you know, I am working from home for two weeks already and I would say I  really don’t like it. Being a remote employee cause me anxiety. It is more stressful compare to when I was in the office.

Here at home, I feel like there is no satisfaction after 5pm. There’s no adrenaline rush to finish the report. I miss the interactions and personal discussions, the noises of printers, the coffee, the smell of my papers and the people who annoy me.  I miss my own complaints of waking up early and struggling to catch the train.  I miss the outside world.

I don’t know until when this lockdown ends, it might be next week or could be extended.  Working from home seems easy at first, but when your body seeks the typical way of your life, reality cuts you off.

Until then my friends, stay at home and keep safe.


notebook written work from home text and keyboard on table





  1. I worked out of the house the last three years of my career and I wasn’t a fan either. That satisfaction you refer to, that feeling of shutting down and leaving the workplace no longer exists! I hope you are able to return to your normal routine soon. Hang in there and take care of yourself.

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  2. I really agree about the lack of adrenaline though. I thrive on lack of time to do things, and now there’s so much of time and I’m slower than ever. Sad.

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