Be Informed But Not Consumed

“Negative thinking is contagious.

All around us, there’s negative news: how bad the sickness is, how bad the economy is, analysts, telling us what could happen, and how it may get much worse. It’s good to be informed, but you can’t let that stay in your spirit.

If you keep dwelling on that, then you’re going to end up afraid, worried, panicked, thinking you’re not going to make it. When you think like that, it’s a negative cycle that keeps drawing in more fear, more worry, more defeat.”

I am the same with everyone, sometimes I just can’t help to be negative, and when I wanted to breathe from this contagious and toxic thoughts, I tried to think of good things and the people I love. I tried to push some optimism. I tried to refuse to live in fear but keeping God’s connection for protection and mercy.

Let’s turn our worries and fear into Faith.

Keep safe everyone. Much love.





  1. Well said. Take care. I read in The Secret I think ‘informed, not inundated’.!!! Such wise words. It’s important to know what’s going on but not dwell. Thanks for the caring reminder, sending light ❤


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