With the current uncertain situation of the corona virus pandemic, thousands of companies are now making their options on how to manage the finances in the next succeeding months. It’s hard to deny that the business and the majority of the employees are suffering from this dilemma.

Are you one of those no work no pay? or in line for 30% more or less salary deductions? or you need to utilize your leave credits? and worst, suffered from unfair dismissal?

My salary for this month has been delayed, before that some humor circulated that the salary deduction will be implemented. You can imagine the frighten feelings at that moment, especially if you have bills and obligations to follow. The initial reactions will be why the company letting us down? why they allow employees to suffer despite of working hard and loyalty?  and so on.

I’ve been thinking of that too, but I was relieved after getting my paycheck completely. Sad to say, Managers are only having deductions from my department and some staff from other branches. I am grateful and at the same time feeling brokenhearted. In this crisis, no one wants to happen, if we could just turn everything to end, I know we will all be doing it.

Next month will be more difficult if this pandemic stays longer, I hope it kills itself. However, let’s continue to follow the rules for safety, Pray and never lose our Faith.

Keep safe.





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