Tell Me What You Saw (K-drama 2020)


A brilliant profiler (Jang Hyuk) returns from seclusion to team up with a rookie detective (Sooyoung) to solve a series of serial murders which include the profiler’s fiancee.

The impression of the title and released poster of this drama first caught my attention. Aside from Jang Hyuk’s casting, investigative series is quite fun to watch. So I had high hope that this would give me rides of hurly-burly.

Well, this drama is not at best of my expectation, however, it never lets me go. You can expect layers of villains that hold grip the viewers to satisfy their curiosity.  The dark vibes, the brutality, and gruesomeness of the killing method are linked to the thrilling elements. I say, I enjoyed the first episode to eight, quite emotional and intense, but after that, I feel like it started going downhill.

The story is heavy, but it seemed something was missing. I find some repeated scenes like running out of steam, and some storytelling needlessly convoluted. Character’s development of the main two leads is reliable, while some are just plainly flat and overdone. Acting-wise is good, but not that superb. The plot twist doesn’t surprise me since my guess was right.

Is this drama worth watching? of course, since we have different tastes of appreciation. I’m just telling it’s still entertaining.

Verdict: 8/10

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