We Are Senior Citizens And Will Stay At Home

We are all aware that in this pandemic, senior citizens must stay at home especially those with medical conditions as they are prone to infections during this period. But can you imagine them staying only at home while refraining themselves going to malls, supermarket, church and whatever they must do every day in their lives?

At first, it was difficult to control them and let them see the dark side of the corona virus. They were days they secretly left and reason out that they have to buy something outside or whatever their deal was. I was constantly checking on them while worrying about their health too. See, my father is a diabetic and has high blood pressure while my mom is asthmatic and has some heart problems. Who wouldn’t freak out, right?

When hard lock down announced in our city and no single elders allowed to go out, I felt most at ease. Day by day, they get used by it and surprisingly, they tend to like being together for long. For months, I haven’t heard my father complaining about my mom and my son’s whereabouts, lock down became a safe heaven for him, he loves the quarantine to be extended.

To realize, when we see the positive side of being quarantined you couldn’t help but to be grateful. There are so many neglected things before that you can do today like eating together, being idle in the living room together, even cleaning the house together and more so.

To all senior citizens out there, please keep safe always.


  1. Here in the USA, it’s not lawful to pass laws based on gender, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, age etc. The CDC recommends that elderly person stay home, but it can’t be enforced by law.

    As such, we have seen an increase in the depression of the elderly who are not able to visit family and friends (e.g. Florida is an accessible retirement location for New Yorkers). Once isolated, the elderly often have no one to bring them groceries and needed medications. Many have difficultly using remote video tools such as Facetime and Zoom.

    The social isolation can lead to increased risks to the elderly.


    I hope your parents can have some social interaction soon.


  2. yup. part-time hardinero, but i get balled out by the wife frequently. mas malakas daw ang lamon kesa trabaho! kaya retreat ako after some time to my computer.


  3. i am a senior citizen myself. I am diabetic. I have high blood, cholesterol, uric, kidney and also heart disease. From head to foot na yata itong sakit ko! Anyway, thank you for taking time to show you care.

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  4. Everyone has a responsibility to each other. As a nurse I assure you that many young people are suffering this illness and many are not surviving it. Take precautions! Wear a mask. Don’t expose others and don’t assume it’s just the elderly that need to protect themselves. .

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