Hi Bye Mama (K-drama) 2020


Cha Yu-Ri (Kim Tae-Hee) has been a ghost since she died 5 years ago. She left behind her husband Jo Kang-Hwa and their child. To become a human again, Cha Yu-Ri carries out a reincarnation project for 49 days. Meanwhile, Jo Kang-Hwa (Lee Kyu-Hyung) works as a chest surgeon. He was loving, but, after his wife died, his personality changed. After 5 years, his wife Cha Yu-Ri reappears in front of him.

Hi Bye, Mama is definitely a thought-provoking drama. It’s warm and it’s full of love. It will make you reflect on how precious life is and rethink your values and relationship with people you love. There are tear-jerking moments that only mothers can understand, and children to be grateful for.

The concept of this drama is very interesting, the project for 49 days sparks the idea of her journey, how to unfold the story is very intriguing, well that’s what I was expecting.

I couldn’t help but feel dreary in the middle of the series. The flow became dragging and circling. There are many side stories and characters, at first, it was good to count up, but later it fizzles the connection. Avoidable flashback stories are quite annoying too, they shouldn’t have to spend thirty minutes of it, instead, they must build the story to be developed and mix with little adventures.

Acting-wise, no doubt for all the cast, for what it’s worth. I would give credit also to the Finale as it was realistic and significant. Also, are you aware that acting Yuri’s daughter in this drama is actually a boy? Yes, he is and so pretty.

Overall, I will rate this 8/10


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