When My Friend said I am Positive-COVID

I was stunned when I learned that one of my friends is positive with Corona Virus. She even can’t fathom where and from whom she got the infections since she’s following the necessary precautions. I met her 35 days ago and just can’t help but be paranoid.  Well, putting myself in her shoes, I can’t imagine the panic and misery she is feeling right now, so I stop overreacting.

She’s in the isolation room as of this moment for observation and more testing. She had three already and still positive. It breaks my heart and I don’t want to visualize saying goodbye to her or to anyone else because of this fucking pandemic.

What we can do to our friends or anyone we know when they are in this kind of situation? Simply, is to include them in our prayers every day. Call or chat with them, encourage them, let them feel that you care, that they are not alone in this battle. Try to lift their spirits, it is very important to help them away from any depressions. Never ever discrimate them.

God knows when this pandemic ends. We can’t do anything but to accept the new normal ways and its changes. We need to support each other, to take care of each other, and that we need to be more vigilant and be responsible for ourselves and the people around us.

Please stop spreading the virus. Think of yourself and your loved ones. Keep safe.



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