Ordinary Man With Extra Ordinary Love

I can still remember when my father was socially active before. There were countless nights of getting home late and drunk. He’s always inviting friends over just to drink and play cards. He even became a President to our community and some organization. While he was being a social butterfly, the fights and arguments between him and my mom seemed endless. I even thought they would separate. Fortunately, it didn’t happen.

When one of my father’s closest friends died after their drinking session due to heart attacked, it hits him deeply. I think somewhat he blamed himself. Afterward, he became diabetic that totally changed his perception and lifestyle.

When my father character’s reversed, he wanted us to follow him. No more drinking, no partying, and no going home late. With this, he always gets mad and stresses if we do the opposite. Of course, we tried to act our part, but somehow difficult to chase everything he wants.

My father is not perfect, but he’s always a good dad to me. He lets me down, but he shows compassion at the end. He does complain about me, but still always there to understand. He doesn’t always agree with me but constantly supporting me. He finds some fault at me but always forgives. He’s been a good provider and still trying to be after his retirement. He is moody, but his jokes are not outdated. Here and there, we annoyed each other, but we care. My father is just an ordinary man with extraordinary love. And no matter how different and sometimes difficult he is, my love will never ever change.

Happy Father’s Day to my Papa and to all the fathers out there! Love.













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