The craziness of Fantastic Fanatic

Am I crazy? Why did I keep thinking about you last night? I was able to sleep after midnight, no matter how I tried to let you off my mind, your face still lingers in my head.

I think I am crazy for thinking that there is a future of you and me. I imagine we are within each other’s sight, our status doesn’t hinder our emotions, we no longer care what the world would talk about us.

Why am I crazy about you? Your eyebrows are beautifully painted when you are in deep thought. The way your hair plastered to your forehead with sweetness. When your dimples appear with your smile. Your observant eyes and your silence.

I am so crazy to live in a dream world of being in love together against the face of the sun and moon that would never meet visibly. My idea of us makes my heart flutter and insanely help me out of this stodgy ordinary life, at least for a day.

Just so you know, I am not mad or a psycho, I am just your fan who meets you only when the curtain opens and think of you after the closing credits. Forgive me for my fantasy.







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