TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0 (Anime-2009)


After a massive earthquake in Tokyo 25 km under the sea at a magnitude of 8.0, two young siblings Mirai and Yūki, who were visiting a robot exhibition in Odaiba at the beginning of their summer vacation, struggle to reach their parents in their house in Setagaya, assisted by a female motorcycle courier named Mari, who is striving to reach her own daughter and mother in Sangenjaya. Together, the three of them brave the partly ruined city and try their best to make it home safely.

I know this would be a sad anime, that I don’t have to watch it, but I did and actually didn’t regret it. I had a good cry. I feel like everyone should watch this and see what you’ll get after. The story of Tokyo magnitude brings the character into limelight of possibility, that any disasters might happen in our life, that no one is ever designed for it to be anticipated, scary but perfectly true.

If you would like to watch this film, avoid reading any reviews and comments that contain half the story, it would spoil the surprise. Note also, the pacing is quite slow but it suited for the story development and effectiveness.

Verdict: 9.5/10

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  1. I grew up watching those Japanese animes…I am 53 now and I used to watch “Jeeg Robot” when I was in my teens….the Japanese keep producing animes in the 3rd Millennium. I’ve got to watch some of the new ones to bring back my childhood memories

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