When I have Nothing Someone Was There

I’ve sometimes considered myself as a selfish person. Though I have always wanted to be generous and help others, I still ended up doing things that benefit me the most. When one of my colleagues shared that helping someone is not necessary to be flashy, the thoughts that have been hidden inside transpire, yes he’s absolutely right.

I have known someone who lost the job when pandemic started. I know she needs money, but when she called on to use my credit card to purchase something, I said no, “what if she couldn’t pay next month, I don’t have any extra cash to cover-up” I was thinking about this and that, at the same time feeling sorry and guilty.

However, I realize that I can still help her by giving some groceries that I could afford. Also, I could arrange and let go of some of my decent clothes, shoes, and bags that just hide inside the cupboard and drop it into the donation box. I can share something with my colleagues for breakfast, I can buy one bottle of water and give it to a stranger. There is no such thing as “nothing you can do” if you really wanted to share.

I need to stop myself thinking that I can only help if I have more than enough money in my pocket. I have to start doing little things of kindness, not to make myself happy, but to at least relieve someone’s burden for a while. I have to look back those dark moments when I had nothing but someone’s help came. I am so preoccupied with my own life and the struggles that I forgot to pay forward for all the blessings I have received. Now I know, and I just have to step onward.

Let start a simple gesture that can make someone’s life a little easier, even for just a bit of time.


  1. There’s a far-away thought that once touched on my mind. I can’t remember who said it — just that it wasn’t me. 🙂 Rich people stay rich by spending like they’re poor. Poor people give because they know what it’s like to be without anything.

    You’re correct — there is always something we can give, even if it’s just “an ear” to listen.

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