MORE THAN BLUE (Taiwanese Movie- 2018)

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“If love can be explained no one in the world would suffer from it.” – K

A man dying of cancer tries to find a companion for the longtime soul mate he has loved from afar.

This movie really sold my heart. It made me cry and think that life is so unfair for two protagonists. The plotline is not complicated, it’s a tragic love story that was meant to break your heart, but at the same time, it proves that loving someone so much that you would do anything for that person, simply because you can’t just underestimate love.

The actors really portrayed their characters well with a captivating performance. The emotional scenes are delivered realistically with good use of music. The chemistry was admirable. The timeline is consistent, and the plot twist is a surprise.

No matter what other reviews stated that it’s just a clichéd movie, for me, it’s deep and meaningful. If I am in place under the same situation as the story, I would do differently, I will tell the person how much I love him.

Verdict: 10/10


“I realized that two lonely souls as long as they can stay with each other, can have the right to be happy.” – Cream


“I don’t like the word ‘forever’, because ‘forever’ does not exist if one of us is not around. But ‘next lifetime’ sounds different, it sounds like a promise.”- Cream




Jasper Liu as Chang Che-kai (K) / Ivy Chen as Song Yuan-yuan (Cream)



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