My TOP 10 Favorite OPPA

“Korean Oppa is used by females to refer to older males. It literally means older brother. Nowadays, it can also indicate an older male friend of a woman, or a romantic interest, boyfriend or a husband”

In my K-drama land, I call Oppa as my endearment regardless of their age. They are someone that I have a crush on, affection, and fall for. Well, here’s my first-time list of my top favorite Oppa.

Yoo Ah In


(10) First, I love Yoo Ah In because of his acting skills. Most of his roles are diverse, and often portray dynamic characters. No wonder he appeared on the New York Times Best Actors of 2018. The more I watch his drama and movie, the more I am attracted by his charisma and arrogant look. This Oppa is someone I would like to go on a date to Art Gallery (he’s a curator and gallery director).  I don’t even mind spending my day by just looking at him, I think he is the best ART ever I could have.

Latest Drama/Movie: Chicago Typewriter (2017) /#Alive (2020)


So Ji Sub


(9) So Ji Sub is a real Oppa because his 2 years older than me. When I first saw him in the Master’s Sun drama, I couldn’t help but drool over. Since Oppa is famous for his incredibly fit body, you can see him most of his projects have at least one scene of him shirtless. Also, he was trained as a professional swimmer so I can imagine him saving me drowning from my love for him.

Latest Drama/Movie: My Secret, Terrius  (2018) / Be with You(2018)


Gong Yoo


(8) Gong Yoo is definitely a heartthrob aging like a fine wine. I like him to be one of my leading man in real life. We are of the same age, so I think we’ll click. Lol. I love Gong Yoo’s unique facial features, his cute little eyes, and visible Adam’s apple (look at him, look at him). I watched almost all of his shows and known him as one of the UNICEF Ambassador. I feel like Oppa is a great guy and since he likes fishing, I would like to volunteer myself as a fish, he can catch me anytime.

Latest Drama/Movie: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2017) / Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 (2019)


Lee Joon-Gi


(7) I first got to know Lee Joon Gi from his acting Arang and the Magistrate and after that, I found myself marathon all his drama. Joon Gi is not merely an actor but also a singer and a dancer. I love his expressive eyes and heart-shaped lips. I feel like kissing him now. Oppa is like a Prince next door, knocking at my door, and you know what’s next (blink).

Latest Drama/Movie: Flower of Evil (2020) / Virgin Snow (2007)


Jo In Sung


(6) When I first saw in his drama Something Happened In Bali, I totally fall in love with him. After watching That Winter, The Wind Blows, never have the chance to stop adoring him. Oppa Jo In Sung is literally my Pretty Boy, from head to toe, tall, sexy, charming, and yummy. He is indeed more than just a talented actor but also has a modest and warm personality (we are close).  Since Oppa loves to travel with his close friends, I will definitely go with him and hopefully, we will be lost in the wilderness.

Latest Drama/Movie: Dear My Friends (2016) / The Great Battle (2018)

Lee Min-Ho


(5) Lee Min Hoo was my first love and he never dies in my heart. For years, I’ve been chasing him in all his drama, advertisement, news, and articles even downloaded his music. I even had a dream of dating him and hating him when he had a relationship with actresses. Because of that I was heartbroken and has a change of heart, by collecting more Oppas (it’s your fault Oppa Min Hoo!) Funny it seems, but I became I hard die fan. Until now, Oppa Min Hoo’s charm is still irresistible, I can’t just let him go like that.

Latest Drama/Movie: The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) / Bounty Hunters (2016)

Ji Chang Wook


(4) Ji Chang Wook is very handsome and stunning at any angle. I couldn’t find any flaws on him, even if he has, I really don’t care. When I saw him on his drama Healer and The K2, which he did his own stunts, my heart just fluttered. I even watched Empress Ki with 51 episodes, yes 51 just for him, why? Because Oppa’s face is like sunshine, it’s a happy pill for me. And you know what? He’s a good kisser on screen. Just a thought of it makes my whole body waken! (wink wink).

Latest Drama/Movie: Backstreet Rookie (2020) / Fabricated City (2017)


Lee Jin Wook


(3) I fall in love with Lee Jin Wook in an instant. I have watched almost of his drama and movie. He is the total package of my ideal boyfriend whom I could brag to everyone. He looks so hot without even trying. He has the deepest, most charming pair of eyes I could stare at. I don’t like guys with a mustache, but he turns me on. I remember from one of his dramas which he has blood on his face, messy hair, vengeance eyes, and about to kill someone, yet I still find him very sexy on that part. Oppa Jin Wook is absolutely freaking desirable, I am physically attracted to him; lust and love.

Latest Drama/Movie: Voice 3 (2019) / High Society (2018) / Upcoming drama: Sweet Home (Netflix 2020)


Kim Soo Hyun


(2) I love Kim So Hyun‘s long neck, forehead, and small face, I just like to, you know, touch them gently. This beautiful actor is the face of everything we could possibly think of. Well, he’s not just only the highest-paid Korean actor as of this moment, but he gives also justice to all of his achievements for his acting. He gained many awards and he’s the king of product endorser. This guy is well known for being humble, kind, and generous. I really respect Oppa Kim So Hyun and at the same time couldn’t help but fancy him. If I can take him home, my parents will absolutely love him too.

Ongoing Drama/Movie: It’s Okay to Not Be OkayReal (2017)


Lee Sang Yoon


(1) My ultimate Oppa is Lee Sang Yoon. I started to have a major crush on him after watching his drama Angel Eyes and it didn’t stop there. Physically, I like Oppa’s everything, from his any kind of hairstyle, eyebrows, twinkling eyes, dimples, height, the way he dresses, and even his hiding smile. He’s kinda mysterious for me, shy and behaves like a gentleman. When he was one of the cast in a variety show called Master in the House, I was able to know him more. Oppa Sang Yoon is the silent type person, smart, deep thinker, sensitive, observant, quite an introvert but intelligent. I love his personality and I totally fall for him. I feel like he’s the husband I’m looking for, well, what about changing my family name to ANNE LEE?  😂😂

Latest Drama/Movie: VIP (2019) / Okay Madam (2020)

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  1. I love your list. But if I were to have my top 3, it would be Hyun Bin (3), Kim Woo Bin (2), and Jo in Song (1). After watching their dramas, they lingered on my dreams. 😍 😂

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