When They Say Hello To Me

During the Corona Virus quarantine time, some people tend to revisit their hobbies for a moment to relieve their stress and worries. In the course of the pandemic, the online community depicts a significant part to distract people from panic and isolation. Citizens across the globe find ways together to lift spirits, lighten the mood, and spread positivity.

First, there was a “Dance Challenge” for COVID 9 prevention with 6 hands washing movements as recommended by WHO. Second, the “Barter Community” came in the picture where kinds of stuff exchange for several bags of rice and other basic commodities.Tiktok download” soars under lockdown too. And here it comes the “Planting” as one of the ongoing passion people took and still during this uncertain moment.

My friends influenced me to have a living plant in my room or at least just get one to take care of. I was hesitant at first because honestly, this is my first time. I love to see flowers and plants around me while taking pictures makes me happy, but to make an effort tending them, it’s a new experience.

So here it comes, I bought two plants which I thoroughly searched on the internet, I feel like they say hello to me.


Fittonia Nerve PlantI love the combined colors in this plant, it’s really cute and adorable. Aside from that, it flourishes within a high humidity environment, dislikes full sunlight, and of course, it’s nontoxic to animals and people. I enjoy paying attention to Fittonia, it just needs to mist twice a day and enough for some little talks.


Snake PlantThe most tolerant plants and can be neglected for weeks at a time.  What I like about this plant is the architectural shape, it looks so fresh every day and I just love staring at it. Snake Plant likes indirect sunlight and doesn’t want to drink water too much especially during winter. It removes also toxic pollutants,  best for air purification, and that it helps you sleep better. Sounds good, right?

Truly, it’s refreshing to have indoor plants, it’s not just only for visual beauty, but it has some therapeutic elements I could feel.


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