Before We Got Married (Taiwanese Drama 2019)


Zhou Wei Wei (Puff Kuo) is about to marry her successful devoted fiancé while Chu Ke Huan  (Jasper Liu) is about to marry his girlfriend of 10 years. Until one day, Ke Huan and Wei Wie have an encounter with each other causing them both to fall in love.

Honestly, I watched this drama because of Jasper Liu (I’m a new fan) and never thought I enjoyed only the visual of him for the entire episodes. But of course, I don’t want to be biased in my personal review.

Before we got married shown not about experiencing “cold feet” in the preparation of getting a knot, but how the main leads face another level of challenges that rattles their virtues, emotions, and decision making. In short, the content is sensitive and mature enough to deal with, maybe that’s why this drama tried so hard to approach the concept gradually.

I like Wei Wei‘s character at first, she’s not the typical girl who would fall in love with a new guy. She tried to remain with her feelings, suppress it as long as she can, and while this kind of character lasted for more than half of the episodes the flow became boring and repetitive, and yes I tend to escape many scenes.

I haven’t seen any character development in the story, the conflict was tiresome because it was just going around again and again. Chu Ke Huan‘s ex-girlfriend issue was not explained well as she just ended up having someone new in the last episode and so on.

However, the topic is good enough (except for some lag) matured scenes are on top (except for those force kisses), the visuals are great (i love you, Jasper), it’s just that I couldn’t ignore the flaws, something is missing.  Actually, from episode 9-12, I wasn’t thrilled anymore.

Verdict: 7/10

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