SWITCHED (J-Drama 2020)


Shunpei Kaga (Daiki Shigeoka), Koshiro Mizumoto (Tomohiro Kamiyama), and Ayumi Kohinata (Kaya Kiyohara) have been close friends since they were children. Koshiro Mizumoto confesses his feelings for popular Ayumi Kohinata and their relationship develops romantically. On the day of their first date, Ayumi Kohinata and her unpopular classmate Zenko Umine (Miu Tomita) suddenly change bodies. Ayumi Kohinata is devastated and nobody believes her, except for Shunpei Kaga. Ayumi Kohinata looks for a way to get her body back.

Stream it or Skip it? I’m glad, I streamed it. Switched is unexpectedly good and quick binge-watch before you realize you’re already on it. The plot takes the usual body-switching story (someone wanted someone else’s life) but it seats dark elements of throwing plot twist, with some depth and relatable characters.

What kinds of life lessons does Switched attempt to teach us? Well, simply we cannot take over anybody or be someone else except for ourselves. It’s our character and personality leads our life. We should also evaluate how we treat others around us. I couldn’t even imagine from one of the scenes where a teacher makes fun of Zenko Umine’s “full belly” during class (Just imagine if she’s your kid).

Though this series contains strong themes like bullying, parental abuse, and suicide, there are also good points to be considered such as friendship, loyalty, kindness, self-acceptance, and redemption.

A must watch series about what it is going to happen when we categorize our differences, our status, and our external appearances to others.

Review: 9/10

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