The Cheerful Dog

Once upon a time, there lived a dog that was very good at hiding his emotions. The dog was tied beneath a shade tree. He always wagged his tail and acted cutely. So he got the name, the cheerful dog because he is as cheerful as springtime.

The dog always had lots of fun with the village kids during the day. But every night, he’d moan and whine when no one was around. That’s because he wanted to cut off the leash and freely run around out in the spring field. However, he couldn’t. And that’s why he cried every night. Every single night.

One day, the voice inside him asked the Cheerful Dog, “Hey, why don’t you just cut off the leash and run away?”

And this was the cheerful dog said, “I’ve been tied up for way too long so I forgot how to cut myself free.”

Moon Sang Tae

We are a cheerful dog. We are good at hiding our emotions. We pretend that we are happy, that we are okay, but deep inside we are in pain, in struggles, in confusion. As it happens, we don’t want to show these sentiments, to reflect our weakness, we just keep on waggling our tail and fail to realize that we are the ones who put ourselves in a deep trap by suppressing our feelings.

Let’s pull the plug off playing “everything is awesome”. Let’s muster our courage to spill our bottled emotions. We should stop holding on to someone or something that torments us. It’s okay to moan, to whine, to cry. It’s okay to be weak for a while, it’s okay to seek help, to share our feelings, to release our hate, to accept the things we cannot do. It’s okay to stop denying, we don’t need the validation from others of what we are feeling.

Let go, cut yourself free. Get off the leash of being a “cheerful dog” so we can play and run in the Springfield happily and wag our tail in all sincerity.

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