I Hate The Noise and Silence

What brings this September is all that bang and a lot of silence.

My friend resigned from his job and still unemployed for almost five months. I envy him for taking the risk and he has his wife to support his decision. I couldn’t even dare to think of dropping my work because I know no one will patronage me.

One of my colleagues is suffering from unfair acts in the workplace by not giving her the unclaimed benefit for this year, while the bosses and other staff had received. I might be asking the same thing for the next two months, let’s see if I will have the same fate.

When I learned that one of those people I despise losing his job and ranting his misery on Linked in, I couldn’t help my devilish thought that it serves him right. It feels so good even it plays only inside my head.

One of the staff in our firm has been terminated six months ago. After a month, the company re-hired him to a lower position and obviously with a lesser salary. I couldn’t grasp why he accepted the offer after they dispose of him. Thank Goodness he is not my dad, I feel like to bark.

And by the way, the one they re-hired has joined in my department and I should be the one to supervise him. What the heck? Honestly, he has no experience and I have to teach him from the scratch. Awkward is, he’s more than 50 years old and I’m afraid I will lose my patience.

The noises of these incidences are deafening, but we keep in silence. Why? Maybe because we get used to all this stuff – adjustment, understand and accept.

Who knows, my friend’s wife is silently complaining about his out of work, maybe because she just wants to avoid arguments. My colleague is obviously can’t act a protest because she has to keep the job. Just imagine how my re-hired colleague’s self-worth affected because of his situation, and why I am not expressing myself the kind of pleasure to know my enemy is in trouble?

Why we keep in silence much as we want to roar? Maybe because we are a saint? Afraid of the aftermath? No choice? No balls? Do we want to keep the peace? We are cowards? Hypocrite? The answer is yours to keep.


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