On October 26, 1979, Korean Central Intelligence Agency Director Kim Kyu-Pyeong (Lee Byung-Hun) assassinates South Korean President Park (Lee Sung-Min). 40 days before the assassination, the exiled prior director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, Park Yong-Kak (Kwak Do-Won), testifies against the South Korean government at a U.S. hearing. Kim Kyu-Pyeong and Kwak Sang-Cheon (Lee Hee-Joon) puts in play a plan to stop him.

The man standing next to is based on a true political story. They said in real life, Director Kim assassinated President Park out of selfish anger, while others believe he was tired of Park’s authoritarianism and wanted political change. Whatever it is, this movie caught my attention and curiosity, it’s such a heavy theme.

This movie received two awards for the Best Actor (Lee Byung-Hun) and Best Supporting Actor (Lee Sung Min). Well, if you don’t know, Ajussi Lee Byung-Hun’s nickname is “God of acting” and he’s one of my favorites too. In this film his acting skill is on top (again), the emotions portrayals are deep and intense. Don’t expect any hard actions with kicks and guns because of the sense of betrayals, anger, state of mind, and pride that are more notable and specified in the content.

If I were in his shoes, do I have to assassinate the President? God knows.

Verdict: 10/10

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