Burning (2018) / Memoirs Of Murderer (2017)


Jong-Soo (Yoo Ah-In) wants to become a writer, but he currently works part-time as a delivery man for a distribution company. While on the job, he runs into his childhood friend Hae-Mi (Jeon Jong-Seo). Later that night, they meet for drinks. Hae-Mi tells Jong-Soo that she will be traveling to Africa soon and asks if he can stop by her apartment and feed her cat while she is gone. Later, Jong-Soo receives a phone call from Hae-Mi asking if he can pick her up at the airport the next day. At the airport, Hae-Mi introduces Ben (Steven Yeun) to Jong-Soo. Hae-Mi and Ben met while in Arica. Soon, Ben tells Jong-Soo about his hobby.

Burning is from the short story collection of “Hotaru” by Haruki Murakami. The whole course of the story is very slow and if you are not familiarized with this kind of element, you might get bored in the middle of the show. It is very thematic and though the story has endless slow-moving progress, it will surely grow on you and driving you out of curiosity, and boy, the finale, left me speechless and more questions to think about. As usual, I love Yoo Ah-In’s acting, though there are long visual shots and fewer dialogues. The cinematography is excellent, and the intriguing point is the major league of the story.

I’m glad I read some books of Murakami before, so I’m a little familiar with his style, and yet there is one book I couldn’t even finish because it requires deep understanding. Lol. Just like in this movie, you have to pay attention to the characters because what is on the platter is not palpable. I recommend this movie for those who can stand slow pacing, unconventional and contemplative drama.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Memoirs Of Murderer

In his past, Byeong-Soo (Sol Kyung-Gu) was a serial killer. He now suffers from Alzheimer’s. He lives with his adult daughter Eun-Hee (Seol Hyun). One day, he remembers that a man he got into a car accident with is also a killer. That man is Min Tae-Joo (Kim Nam-Gil). Meanwhile, Min Tae-Joo begins to woo Byeong-Soo’s daughter. To protect his daughter, Byeong-Soo struggles to retain his memory and to kill Tae-Joo.

Serial killer chasing another serial killer. Both of the actors shown daunting vibes and acting was done meticulously, that’s why its on top notch. The thrilling, wasn’t superb, but the flow of the story is compelling enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. The cinematography is beautifully dark and beautiful. This film is recommended to all crime and thriller lovers out there.

Verdict: 9.5/10

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