Missing: The Other Side (K-drama 2020)

A village holds spirits of missing, deceased people. A search to find the missing bodies and discover the truth behind their disappearance occurs.

Finally, I was able to watch a good drama that really caught my attention within just two episodes and have the appetite waiting for the coming chapters. Missing the other side show a mix of fantasy and mystery. The storyline is impressively consistent, intriguing and heartwarming. Just imagine a village where the souls of missing dead people trapped and wander until their bodies get recovered, sounds cool, right? Well, expectedly, the plot is pretty refreshing and unpredictable elements throws you into excitement. I like the way they made the village beautifully and peacefully, the concept is very unique and you will be immersed in the new setting that you might be even thinking to live there!

Missing the other side have not settled only for better casting and charming visuals, but the actors portrayed their emotions in a believable performance. They have a strong character development, while the story continues to unfold the mystery. Shout out also to the CGI which perfectly fit into the scenery.

Indeed, I am a fan of this drama, though it has only 12 episodes, we are looking for season 2.

If you’d like to watch something different from your usual, I highly recommend this.

Verdict 10/10

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