ALICE (K-drama 2020)


Due to a death, a man and a woman become separated forever, but they meet again like magic.

As we all know, time travel is an incredibly tricky theme and before you get it right, the story must be impossible but rational. But first I will give you the four strengths of this drama. First, the acting is outstanding, both of the protagonist is superb. The futuristic technology shown are quite amazing, equipped for the year 2050. The CGI is decent. Some of the action scenes are pretty good, and lastly, if you like Joo Won this is your chance to see him after his military service.

Well, Alice started with a blast, for a few episodes, it was really interesting and then it became a series riddled with problems and inconsistency. The plot has so many flaws that I couldn’t remember them all. Some of the characters have been undeveloped and seemed they just created in oblivion. Alice itself has never been connected properly to the viewers except for the structure, the monitor, the drones and some people who can pass through the time travel machine.  What it makes worse, the writer spends more time building a cliché relationship between the two ML than making the plot desirable, rationale and comprehensible. Until the last two episodes, the characters don’t have any idea what is all about they’re looking, and yes, the story became more messy and absurd. Time travel? Nope, I have seen only a son who looks for his mother’s murderer, nothing more nothing less.

Alice has the potential to be great but it ended with weakest storyline and catastrophe. If I could bring back time, I would never watch this drama. 

Verdict: 6/10

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