I started losing my energy here. It’s been three weeks already I’m working “alone” I mean alone is having all the responsibility by myself. My two bosses are out of the country, one is still recovering from corona virus and the other one is on a business trip. I’m quite frightened to be honest, especially since this is the first time after more than five years to do something out of my mundane days. Feel the pressure of the process, but the good thing, is I learned something.

First, you should really know your job and other people’s job, that’s why the task was given to me with trust. It was too late to play dumb, I have no escape anymore.

You have to rely on yourself when times comes you have to. Complaining is not helping, negative thoughts would make it harder. If you don’t want to lose your bread and butter, accept the burden-it wouldn’t last anyways.

Don’t think twice to ask questions, even you think it will make you half-witted, remember, regrets happens in the end. Better to be sure, and if it fails, you can blame your source.

Don’t work alone, I feel sometimes I am. Though my new colleague is still very slow and eating my time for support, I’d appreciate this time, no man is an island.

My last learning, but not the least is REVENGE. You got me right. When they will return to work healthy and safely, I will take my vacation for 45 days to the Philippines without access to my email and calls. However, subject to my Manager’s approval. Oh, I want to LOL first.

Everyday I am exhausted, but there is a joy of accomplishment after five. The mistake is inevitable, but there’s something to gain. Pray and be grateful for the good things and ask comfort for uncertain. Enjoy the journey of discovering more of yourself. You can do better than before.

Keep safe. Much love.


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