Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (K-drama)

A romantic-comedy about an energetic, down-on-her-luck-riches-to-rags pianist named Goo Ra-ra and a mysterious, warm-hearted multi part-time worker Sunwoo Joon and those who gather in La La Land, a small piano institute in a South Korea countryside with their own secrets, pain and stories to tell.

I truly enjoyed this drama. It’s a lighthearted and easy to follow. I feel the warmth of love of their friends, family and the community. The story is consistent, though there are few episodes which kind of ‘unnecessary’ (will make you cry), but to sum up the whole thing, Dodosolsollala is worth watching.

Both leads chemistries were charming and each of their characters complements one another. Their vibe gives positivity and lifted up your spirit- might something bad is happening to you right now, but it shouldn’t stop you to move forward because we don’t know it could turn you into something great, and that this drama is all about. 

I love also the character of Rara. She was simple, naïve, and understanding. She doesn’t judge people easily, she never gave up on anything. When she felt stress, she just sleeps and think about it the next day! The anxiety never hits her that hard. Some of us might think how possible it could be, but that is something we wished for, that we can take life easy.

Also. I like the piano playing, the colorful background, the Ajumma (Aunties), the side characters which makes the drama more enjoyable to watch, and of course the humor.

If you want to watch something refreshing, far from revenge and bitterness,  this one is totally for you.

Verdict: 10/10

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