Ignorance Isn’t a Sin But Refusing To Learn Is

It’s been six months now since I ranted about my colleague who doesn’t remember anything about his job despite of my support. Well, I am here again, releasing my annoyance.

Nothing has been changed with this colleague aside from his idleness has been more obvious.

I know violence is no good, but I wish I could give him a high five, in the face, with a chair. I was thinking to use my staple wire, but the chair is more dramatic I think.

I am reminded that if you want to learn something regardless of your age, educational background or experience, the willingness is a vital part. As a trainer, even though you have all the knowledge to share, the ability to teach, if someone doesn’t want to become competent and wouldn’t like to acquire new accomplishment, everything is pointless.

I want to stop being nice and maybe if I will take part of his performance appraisal, I will be very honest. 

I’m sorry, but I reach to my limits.


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