When the Day Comes (2017)

In 1987, university student & pro-democracy movement member Park Jong-chul is captured by the police. He is then tortured to death. The police and government try to cover up the case of Park Jong-Chul, but the media and university students try to reveal the truth.

This movie is one of Korea’s historic and important event. It’s not easy to absorb since the story happened in real life. It’s sad, emotional, but at the same its meaningful. Character-wise is very captivating, the cinematography is breathtaking. Verdict: 10/10

The Divine Move (2014)

A professional GO player (Jung Woo-sung) gathers a team to help him carry out his revenge against the man who killed his brother.

I like the intensity of this movie from the beginning to the end. It has the thrilling tricks elements of revenge. More than that, it is packed with merciless actions, game minds and survivals of the underground world. I find this movie a clever one. Verdict 9/10

War of the Arrows (2011)

After the death of their father, Nam-yi and Ja-in are raised by their father’s best friend. However, when Ja-in gets kidnapped just before her wedding, Nam-yi rises against the Mongols.

You will truly enjoy the bow and arrow fight sequences in this movie, it’s captivating enough. The storyline is quirky and direct for the purpose. The war is at best. Verdict: 10/10

Inside Men ( 2015)

A former political henchman seeks revenge after he is fired by a ruthless politician, while a tenacious investigator looks for proof connecting them.

The cast is superb and the character portrayals are flawless. I am not really into political movie, but Inside Men is an exemption. Verdict: 9.5/10

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