It’s been 17 months since the last time I had visited my family in the Philippines. Because of pandemic, everything has changed. Although I am not a traveler person, I still miss going out for camping, visiting some local places, meeting with big groups, and of course, my annual vacation to my home county. I came to the point of feeling empty while missing my family and wanting to see them.

I’m planning to fly on June or July, I am still afraid but all I could do is to pay extra cautious and pray that everything will be okay, if not, at least, hope for no obstacle comes especially in the Philippines where cases are still rising, quarantine procedures changing and even some flights keep on cancelling.

I know some people won’t not take the risk of travelling, but until when? I think of taking chances while possibility is encouraging, while some of the doors are still open, and while every little thing is not yet hopeless.

To those who are suffering the corona blues, you are not alone. We can fight this.

Keep safe and Hugs.


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