Tae-In (Yoo Ah-In) and Chang-Bok (Yoo Jae-Myung) work for crime organizations. Their job is to clean up messes left by the crime groups. They carryout their jobs diligently and professionally. One day, they are hired for a job by their client Yong-Seok. This leads Tae-In and Chang-Bok to discover 11-year-old Cho-Hee, who was kidnapped. The next day, they want to take Cho-Hee to Yong-Seok, but Yong-Seok is found dead. Tae-In and Chang-Bok find themselves in an unexpected situation.

This movie is surprisingly intriguing. Great cast and their performances will never disappoint you. Hands down to Yoo Ah-In who’s characters is a mute, but his expression and body language talked to the audience. You can definitely hear his silence. Overall, the movie is not perfect, but worth a try. As a viewer, I have to interpret in my own ways and that’s okay. Verdict: 8/10

Samjin Company ( 2020)

In 1995, three female employees at Samjin Company who are given the opportunity to be promoted if they score at least 600 points at the TOEIC test enroll in English classes. One day, they notice that their company is involved in illegal business and start investigating.

This movie are mix with comedic and seriousness. A theme of revenge but without violence, the plot is casual, predictable, but pleasant to watch. Overall, Samjin company reflects reality and social issues that’s why it’s quite relatable with a sense. Verdict: 8/10

The Closet (2020)

After losing his wife, a father tries to start over in a new home with his daughter. But things take a turn when strange noises trickle out of the closet, and his daughter goes missing.

I love the acting skills of the little girls in this movie, it’s very convincing! The special effects, the background sound and the chilling vibes complemented the flow of the story. Though for me, it’s not that scary, but still watchable, great lessons to catch up too! Verdict: 8/10

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