Navillera (2021)

A 70-year-old man with a dream and a 23-year-old man with a gift lift each other out of harsh realities and rise to the challenges of becoming ballet dancers.

Cast: Park In-Hwan, Song Kang/ Episodes: 10/Netflix

Navillera is not just a heartwarming drama, but it showed inspiration, pure kindness, wisdom, love and passion. The plot is simple, but it has a lot of meaningful events and lessons to take. The cast is superb, their acting performances and the delivery of their roles are relatable enough to make you smile, cry, and recollect. You must include this in your watch bucket list. Verdict: 10/10

Move To Heaven

A young man with Asperger syndrome and his uncle work as trauma cleaners, clearing out the possessions of dead people, uncovering the stories they left behind and telling them to loved ones.

Cast: Lee Je-Hoon/Tang Joon-Sang/Hong Seung-Hee/Ji Jin-Hee / Episodes: 10/Netflix

Move to heaven story is quite unique and refreshing. It’s my first time to know that trauma cleaners is existing, somehow it allows social consciousness for lonely deaths out there. Different morbid story of death, which becomes deeper after every episode, and yes, you will never block tears from your eyes. Don’t escape to watch this beautiful drama that would definitely move your heart to Heaven. Verdict 10/10

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