Bad day. Waking up on the wrong side of bed and feeling irritated, for no particular reason. I blame my changing hormones as they say it would be bewildering around your system when you reach the age of 40’s. More convincing is, just received my earnings and still in a bad mood, heaven knows the reason why.

Heartbreaking day. It is, my aunt is in the stage 4 breast cancer and I couldn’t do anything except only by sending messages to her Facebook messenger. I wanted to visit her, but because of this f…ing covid, can’t even book a decent flight. Plus, I really don’t know what words to console her, the best thing I can think of is to hug her, which is far from reality, as of now.

Mad day. . Someone from my family is being a great pain in the arse right now. I hate feeling so helpless while being disturbed. If I could change the world, he will be totally part of it.

Good day. They say, there is more to life than just to live it. And you need to breath more, to be alive. Good thing is, I don’t have to cook for my dinner tonight, someone will.


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