I have learned a lesson today. Don’t get too excited and emotional when an offer comes BUY ONE GET ONE. Some are true and some just a trick.

I love to watch movies on a big screen, but movie price here in Dubai is quite expensive for me. Since my credit card has one of the privilege of buy one get one free ticket without complicated conditions I’ve been using the advantage for years.

When the theater opens the curtains for viewers I used the card again, however, after a month the 50% supposed to be the free ticket amount has been charged to me. How come? I asked and raised a complaint about why should I pay the compliment tickets.

Well, my friends, the terms have been changed last year when the cinema was close due to pandemic. (Who would check?) When I purchased the ticket, I didn’t read the full agreement thinking it was just the same, to be exact, the new deal was shown in the last list of the conditions. (Who would think?) I hate myself for being so careless and I hate the bank card strategy.

They will allow you to get the complimentary ticket anytime of the month, but when you cannot spend the minimum requirement, you will be charged. How the hell I can spend 2K a month? Only 10% I can sustain.

Learned lesson, be always cautious when promotions and offers is calling your attention. Read the conditions all the time because it will change strategically. Don’t assume and don’t be lazy. After all, most of the company thinks only for their benefits and we shouldn’t fall for it every time.

Let’s be a happy shopper and not a losing one. Ouch, it hurts!


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