MOUSE (K-drama-2021)

Bareum is a novice police officer of Gudong Police office, taking care of all the town’s misbehaviors. One day, however, he teams up with a notorious detective Muchi to arrest a psychopathic criminal.

Mouse is a crime, mystery and psychological thriller which has its own plot twist. Feedback from viewers separate the idea of it as a masterpiece and just a fantastical tragedy.

Well, I like the first part of the story while presenting the discovery of a psychopath gene through genetic test before birth. The dilemma comes whether parent should not keep their psychopaths’ unborn children or raise them with chances of becoming a future killer in the society. The second part deals of what if a psychopath could feel remorse for their actions? How come? The process is manipulating the viewers to believe that it could happen, at least in our drama land.

Enough to be engaged in the story? Yes, though its dragging sometimes and too many characters to remember, the story itself will bind you because of curiosity and intrigues. Though it has a long journey to sum up everything, the finale is worth to wait.

By the way, hands down to all the main and supporting cast. Their portrayals are on top notch.

Verdict: 9/10

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