A real estate broker who is also an exorcist joins hands with a con artist to find out the truth behind her mother’s death 20 years ago.

I’m glad I watched this drama, the storyline is refreshing, packed with thrills, comedic, suspense, action, exorcism and heartwarming moments. The characters were embodied with high quality of acting embrace with the type of each personality. Every story of their clients has its own style of relatable experience, and the way this drama treats the unrest ghost is one of the best part of the story.

Also, I like the OST, it’s good to hear Jung Yong-Hwa‘s voice after his 2 year military enlistment, and his acting is better than before. Supporting actors too did a great job, it made the drama more compelling and entertaining to watch.

If you’d like to watch a drama with supernatural and fantasy, this one is for you.

Verdict: 9/10

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