YOU ARE MY SPRING (K-drama 2021)

“You reached out to me during the painful change of seasons. You are my spring.”

The series follows 3 characters who deal with the trauma of their childhoods. Their lives become entangled when a murder takes place in the building they live in.

You are my spring is a slow paced drama contains the element of healing, mystery, and romance. I believe this is not everyone’s cup of tea, the plot shows a deep awareness of long-term effect and consequences of abuse, disdain relationship, and trauma after such adversity.

This drama is admirable in comes to the characters and dialogues. It’s a little poetic while highlighting the significant issues of social taboos. The cinematography is amazing, the relationship is relatable, the message was matured and the episodes of redemption is realized with giving chances, acceptance and love.

One thing this shows gives me a lesson is how to become a help to someone else, either to your people or to some strangers. Everyone struggles each day, we may forget to show sympathy to others because we are obligated to our own problems and issues. It is a reminder that even in our own little ways, we can help, we can save, we can listen, we can give and we can comfort other living souls.

We can be a SPRING

Verdict: 9/10

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