I avoided to check my Facebook account for a moment because of the several candle profiles that has been showing for days. This candle profiles means death from their family members. I feel sad, but quite afraid too. Nervous to realize that we will lose someone any time, in any ways.

Two of my friend’s father died due to natural death and the other one is because of covid. My cousin’s son who was 15 years old committed suicide as if he was just playing his games on an ordinary day. My aunt died unexpectedly because of the complication as things go with the virus. My colleague witness the last breath of her grandmother through the video call. Everyone is devastated. I am and feeling anxious. What if and what will happen next are the questions I couldn’t resist to think.

This situation has taught me that sometimes there is no next time. Before my aunt died, she keeps forwarding messages in the Facebook, on some occasion I ignored it. One day, I told myself to respond to her after my working hours, but then I was too late. My cousin maybe decided to talk to his son at a later time about his strange behavior but found his body cold. My colleague knows that her grandma doesn’t have time to wait for her so she said goodbye even though only in the face time.

When we are given the time to do something, we must dive head on. Let’s not wait for tomorrow because what lies ahead gives no promises. Regret is the other word I should have. Let’s try not to pass the moment of opportunity given to us. Don’t wait. Take steps before it’s too late.

My family might feel the pressure of me sending them messages and asking them everyday, but what can I do? I am feeling uncertainty of not being with them day to day.

Keep safe everyone. Reach out today.


  1. I feel you. I only regret not being able to greet “happy birthday”. Also, I do not know what to say aside from the default message of “condolence”. I wanted to say, “If you need someone, I’m just here.” or call my FB friends (not necessarily close ones) who lost their love ones but I just can’t find the strength to. I just recently lost 4 of my loved ones so I know how much a presence of a friend means a lot.

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  2. Condolences for the losses and thanks so
    Much for the reminder of outreach and to not keep delaying our connecting
    Seriously and hopefully reminders like this can encourage us so we have less regrets
    And the other day I did some outreach for a neighbor who came home from hospital and then helped a differ t neighbor – and I was exhausted and lost almost a day (with a big to do list mind you!) and in my heart I knew the investment I made was rich! I also knew god was leading it and all that – but your post brought an extra smile right now because life is short and we never know if tomorrow is guaranteed and a delayed outreach might be too late to where it never happens to touch a life.

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  3. sometimes you lose words. Rather find it difficult what to say. Wise words shared. Rather than building for tomorrow we should think of present moment. It will give us actually a chance to live life. I don’t believe in age number for life.

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